But It isn’t for everyone

It really isn’t

A life of being pain free isn’t for everyone.

And they have the right to stay in pain (I dunno why, but hey ho, some people do)

Maybe it’s the attention they get from it

Maybe it’s the financial benefits- as in, sick pay and other forms of benefits. But if that makes them happy and they aren’t doing any harm to anyone, tis all cool with me.

A lot of people jsut aren’t ready for it…yet

In today’s society,

One of instant gratification

Many people want things now.





-Or at least at a time that suits them

-On a day that they are free

-Preferably in their own front room cos they like the smell of their home (or some odd reason)

-Before Game of Thrones though cos they wanna debate and review stuff after the show

-They want the pain to be magic’d away and not actually hav eto take any responsibility

-For super dirt cheap and price beat the student therapist that is still studying and is only charging £5 per session.

-For you to arrange childcare for their lil ones.

But then there are those that are ready for the help


Those are the ones that start their journey to becoming pain free.

And it’s cool if you are not ready for whatever reason.

Cos when you are (when the pain has gotten to stratospheric levels and you literally cannot live any more or popping so many pills that it makes a party bag from Costco look pathetic)

we’ll still be here to help you

we ain’t going anywhere