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Do you believe you can be pain free if you find the right solution?

First of all I want to ask you – Do you believe you can be pain free if you find the right solution? And deep down do you know that there is hope out there and you can be pain free again?

Are you ready to take responsibility and action to get the pain solved?

If your first answer was no to the above questions then I’m not for you. If your first answer was yes then carry on reading.

I work with you if you have pain and look for solutions to your problems in everyday life. Not problems to your problems.

I work with you if you are solution focussed, driven, and determined and want the best out of your business, work, relationships, finances, and personal life, but the pain stops you.

Why do I work with you if you are that kind of client?

Because I am a fast worker who likes to get fast, rock solid results in my own life and those lives of my clients too. You are a busy person and I guess you have probably spent way too much time in physio sessions already so why waste any more time?

So how do you know if I am right for you?

I am a straight forward guy who doesn’t mess around which is how I get results so quickly. The assessment in the first full treatment session is deep. It goes right back through your history, so if you are not comfortable opening up and telling me everything then I’m not for you.

Equally if you don’t want to get better then I’m not for you either. And please don’t take that personally, it’s not to judge you or make you feel bad. Some people don’t actually want to get better and there is a reason for that.

When you have lived with pain for so long, and I’m talking years, it becomes an identity. And sometimes the human brain is scared of a change in identity which is okay, but it also means that unless you are ready, then no amount of specialist help will get you out of pain.

However I am definitely the right specialist for you if you just want to get your pain sorted. You are fed up with it ruining your life, cancelling your plans. Paying time and time again for a Physiotherapist or Osteopath who doesn’t help you get pain free.

If you want:

  • To be pain free for good;
  • Get better results in your business;
  • Feel a new lease of life;
  • Have better intimacy in your relationships (because you are not afraid of hurting yourself and can try out all those positions);
  • Not feel guilty for cancelling plans last minute;
  • Be able to walk, run, and sleep without pain;
  • Get up in the morning where your first thought isn’t about your injury or pain;
  • Go back to how you were before all of this pain started …

Or you are even the slightest bit curious about how quick I can get you pain free and whether that is even possible, thenbook here for your initial consultation .

I work with you so you can dance out of my clinic, carry on with your life, put your all into it, and never have to just ‘cope’ with pain again.

What would you do tomorrow if you were pain free today?