This is one of THE biggest part in helping my clients get out of pain ridiculously fast.

With results that conventional therapists dream about and very likely set off their bullshit radar. But the results are all there to see. The clients are there, little- no pain.

It’s usually the section that gets skipped through, rushed, not enough attention given in the training schools.

This exact same section allows me to queue jump (was going to use ‘hack’ but it’s been milked dry by ‘specialists’, ‘hackers’, ‘gooroos’, ‘experts’) the ‘system’ and get to the real meat of the issue without fishing around, hoping, fart arsing about.

We all want that. Clear cut results on whether the area we are working with and the particular approach used will be responsive.

You know what else we all want?


When you know where to go, what to treat, you speed up the timeframe of recovery.

Weeks or months of shitty guess work treatments can be saved in just minutes, hours, even just a few weeks. The time you can save and the life you can have back. Having been there as a client, it is a major ball ache.

I’m talking about Your-Story. Otherwise known as history or background.

Your aches?

Your pain?

The movements that YOU struggle to do?

Meetings you have missed?

Projects that could’ve done better or meetings that could’ve been profitable if you were mentally on the ball and wasn’t so focussed on the pain?

You see, it all has a source. All the pain that you have experienced and possibly currently experiencing have happened for a reason.

In many cases with conventional approaches, just treating the area of the pain does fuck all. At best it improves things for 24 hrs to a few days. Then out comes speed dial for the therapist. No doubt the call log ranks them higher than your spouse!

Everything that your body has been through

Since childhood


Into adulthood

All the sports

The bumps, falls, breaks

The wins



The way you move

The way you think

It’s all unique to you.

Just because you have very similar symptoms to your mate, doesn’t mean that exact same cookie cutting approach will work for you.

How long do I actually spend doing corrective work now?

Sub 5 minutes on average.

Not for bragging. Just like to be efficient. The less hands on I am and more targeted I am, the better the experience it is for the client.

Many have had their muscles beaten the crap out of, mobilised more than a Crossfitter and bruises that make Tyson proud. To be hands on enters their personal space. There’s still a part of them that is nervous due to that past experience.

It’s why I ask a hell of a lot of questions. Somewhere around 8 pages I fill in. I spend at least an HOUR just on this section in the first full visit.

I want to know about you

What you’ve done

What you’ve been through

If you are OK to share, how it happened

What do you like

What you don’t like

Spaghetti or steak

Table Tennis or Archery

Shower or bath (OK that’s a bit weird. Got carried away there)








That ankle sprain from 3 years ago?

Knocked out 20 years ago?

Given birth to kids?

Had surgery that didn’t work?

Broken nose?

Took some mean tackles in Rugby?

It all matters.


I simply look for patterns. Some areas will be more important to the body than others.

That ankle sprain from the past? Well that is a very likely big player to your knee/ lower back/ shoulder/ neck pain

Broken nose? If you can’t breathe well through your nose and the primary breathing system, I can bet you’ll be breathing with your lower back. Coincidence that you have lower back pain?

Carpal tunnel problems? Bet that is connected to your gummy shoulder. Maybe that past surgery on your foot?

When I know where you have been, where you want to go (usually a world of less- no pain cos who’d wanna be stuck in a world of pain?), I can help you get there.

Your story is YOU and YOU matter.

The image?


Eventually the mouse finds his/ her fox!

Serious note about the image

Is that the cause of your pain can be as simple as ‘That’s not my fox’