Being pain-free shouldn’t be a dream…

If you want to get back to the lifestyle you want and take back control of your health and future, then this is the place. It’s not just back pain that I help with.

So how do I actually get you pain free and what happens in the consultations?

Here is the step by step process that we follow. It gives you peace of mind, and you know you are in safe hands with a qualified and registered specialist.

Initial Consultation Call

We first of all have an initial consultation video call, so I can confirm to you whether I can help you or not. In the majority of cases I can. However in the most extreme cases for example if you have been shot in the head (true story), then I can’t. I will be completely honest with you during this initial consultation. I’m not here to string you along nor waste your time. Also with COVID-19, I’m required to have this step for triage purposes.  

After the initial consultation I send out an intake questionnaire for you to complete. This will also contain a link to my terms and conditions (which are also found in the header of this website and publicly accessible). Once the form is completed and terms accepted, I will contact you to see you in my clinic for your assessment session. If you don’t live in the United Kingdom, or it is impossible for you to travel, then I do some work virtually (we can discuss on the initial consultation.)

Assessment Session

During the assessment session this is what happens:

I take down your history and go as far back as necessary to find any significant events that may contribute to your current symptoms. Your history may include knocks, falls, or minor accidents that you thought nothing of at the time but may be causing the pain you have now. These can be from your early childhood up to a few months before your pain started. Each client is bespoke in terms of how far we have to go back and look at injuries or events in your life.

We then move to a postural and muscle function assessment to see if the right muscles and joints work for you at the right time, in the right order, and what reduces and negates your pain and improves your strength, coordination, and mobility in real time (Yes, all that can be achieved once the priority areas are treated.) This is a crucial part so I can identify the root cause(s). This step provides an overview of what is going on, why it is happening and takes around 60 – 90 minutes. There are no treatments in the assessment session.

If it’s something I can help with, we then discuss the most suitable treatment plan for you based on the findings gathered to date, your goals and timeframe.

The Treatments and Initial Main Session. Here is where things get serious. 

The treatment starts in your first session. And can include:

  • Cranial therapy
  • Functional Neurology
  • Eyes and Vision Therapy
  • Scar work
  • Movement re-patterning
  • Functional movements
  • Developmental movements
  • Gait analysis and corrective work

We go into a full, deep dive with the history and assessments to sift out and map out all the symptoms and causes and then rank the order of importance. (Yup, there is a very specific order certain issues have to be treated in otherwise it will all fall apart). All of this is done fully clothed unlike Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, or other treatments you may have received in the past.

Once the history and assessments have been completed, it is then treated accordingly using a combination of the above approaches. Throughout this process I will also pressure test the work. No point in doing amazing work on the table when as soon as you stand up it doesn’t hold and unravel, right? 

After the first treatment session which can range from 90 minutes to four hours for the more complex cases, you walk out of my clinic on average 70- 90% pain free. One thing you can be sure of is that I don’t watch the clock, I just make sure it’s done correctly so you get rock solid progress session to session.

Follow ups.

After the first session, we arrange a second follow up consultation which is around 60 – 90 minutes to make sure there are no niggling issues remaining, and nothing relating to the original cause will reoccur. We will do some work to fine tune if required and this follow up process is repeated until we achieve a successful result for you. On average this takes around 4 sessions, again sometimes it varies depending on the severity of the injury, the pain, your specific goals and your body’s recovery ability. Then, when we achieve your successful result, you are then discharged.


Take Annie for example who had 26 years of pain down the right hand side, years of physio including a physio for a GB team in the athletics, and yet she still had it. Exercise was painful, her life was hard, nothing was easy, and she kept injuring herself at the gym even though she did nothing out of the ordinary.

I confirmed in our first video call I could help her. Annie had the first treatment session lasting three hours in my clinic, which involved taking her history, muscle function assessment, and a ten minute non invasive correction of a muscle in her right eye and she walked out of the clinic pain free. Five years later she is still pain free.

The great thing about my work is that because I know it works, I also offer 100% guarantee. Come and see me, become pain free, or your money back. It’s as simple as that.

This is not just an investment for you…but an investment in your future.

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