This happened this morning at my local supermarket.

There he was, Gramps. In front of me. He was waiting for the doors to open just like I was. (It’s a long day today and I got there 5 mins before it opens. Already winning the day!)

Dunno what he had for breakfast, magic rings from Sonic? Speed? Magic Weetabix? (maybe he secretly really needs a poo?) Whatever it was, he was on fire legging it through grabbing all his shopping. Me? I’m just sauntering along in no rush.

As I approach the tills, the Gramps starts shouting. Dunno what it was he was saying, but he sure looked pissed. So pissed that he left in a strop and left his basket there. How inconsiderate and lazy of him.

Then I realised, that no one was actually on the tills. The light was on but no staff. As soon as Gramps was out the shop, till guy walked over and everything started moving.

What’s this gotta do with your pain?


Don’t be like Gramps and have unrealistic expectations, expecting everyone and everything to cater around him just ‘cos he’s old.

Everyone knows that first thing in the morning they aren’t going to have a full roster of till staff ready and raring to go. More like 1-2 on the tills. But most of them will be helping out with stocking the shelves and making them tidy so it makes your life easier. Someone should’ve popped the news in the paper for Gramps.

Getting out of that pain and getting your life back on track to what you want it to be?

Being able to spend time and ACTUALLY play and bond with your kids/ grandkids?

DOMINATE work, blast through those promotions and being the top dog?

Bagging that sponsored athlete spot and getting the opportunity to travel the world, training and competing?

Entirely possible.

Doing it in a couple of sessions, maybe even just one session?

With very little homework?

Without the need to get undressed or changed?

Totally possible.

It all depends on where you are at and what you expect.

Meet your therapist where they are at.

It may mean you have to raise your standards

You may have to take some responsibility

Be accountable. If you’re gonna do silly things, well…

They will also meet you where you are at.

If you’re gonna be like Gramps, have a paddy, set unrealistic expectations, drop the shopping and storm out, then he didn’t really need/ want the food that much then did he.

That pain isn’t really that bad then is it? Might not even be worth bothering to get rid off.

I dunno, it’s your pain, your future. Your choice.