Frequently asked Questions

Answers to the questions we get asked most often.

I have been through years of Physio and am no better, how is that possible?

It’s unlikely whichever specialist you have been seeing has got to the root cause of what is causing the pain. Many specialists and therapists will treat the symptoms but not the cause. For example if you are suffering with chronic lower back pain, it may be that your current specialist has not looked at any other injuries or stress fractures you have had over your lifetime.

Cos if it had worked? Well, you would be much better and wouldn’t be on this site.

I’m really skeptical after all this time, how can you reassure me?

I get you’re sceptical, who wouldn’t be after being told it’s now just about pain management for you? Or other specialists saying they can help when they haven’t? I have helped a LOT of people get pain free with varying degrees of pain and injury.

Other specialists have said all I can do is manage pain so why can you get rid of it?

Because I look at the whole body, not just the area of pain. I also take all of your history down because it’s likely the root cause is in your history somewhere (it has been with every single one of my clients.). I go as far back as necessary. If you go to an Orthopaedic surgeon or Neurologist, they only treat the localised area of the injury and the pain. So if you have a secondary injury from the original, for example knee pain that appears to have come from nowhere, did they look at your whole body and history? Or was it more ‘have you done anything recently to cause this?’

I have spent years with an Osteopath and they haven’t been able to fix me so how can you?

Osteopaths look at the skeletal structure of your body and not the central nervous system, mental stress factors, or anything to do with the eyes. The very first thing I do is take a full history from as far back as you can recall, then I look at the eyes using Orthoptics (Eyes and vision therapy). The eyes are one of our main senses and where you look dictates where the head moves and in turn, where the body moves.

The eyes also give signals to the brain which then decides whether your injury or original event is traumatic. So when the eyes and their muscles are re-balanced (which is done by a hands off approach), the brain gets clean, safe, non dysfunctional input and can process information better which means that you can move without pain.

It knows you are safe, and sends out the correct signals to the rest of the body so that the right muscles work at the right time. It doesn’t need to be supported by pain so the pain disappears.

Not all cases have eyes as the primary driver, but a lot do.

You know the saying: watch where you are going? If you’re not looking, there is a chance you might walk into that door or lamppost.

What if my broken bone has healed but I still have pain? Can you remove the pain?

Simple answer is yes. Pain from a broken bone should disappear within 12 weeks after it has healed. If you are still getting pain after that time, then it will likely be referred pain or another issue developed because the body has been compensating, then book in for a consultation.

Can you help remove pain from inflammation based illnesses?

If you are on anti inflammatory tablets for your pain, please get the sign off from your doctor first before you book in for a consultation. Because I get to the root cause of the pain, that deals with the traumatic event that potentially caused the illness to begin with. So when the root cause has been removed, the body heals, pain disappears and if there’s no pain and inflammation? 

No need for anti inflammatory medication.

Again, if you are skeptical and curious, book in for a consultation. If I can’t help you, then you get the consultation fee refunded.

What guarantee have I got if it doesn’t work?

I assess all my clients before the first session starts. At this point I know whether or not I can help you solve your pain.

It is extremely rare that I am not able to do it and I let you know if I can’t during the initial consultation. When we go ahead with the paid sessions and if in the rare and unfortunate event that I am way out of my depth and unable to help you in that first session? (as in, unable to map it out, find the causes and make a significant improvement) Then you have a 100% refund. I’m not here to waste your time. Once that first session is completed, we go full course.

If I am able to help, I also have a 90 day ‘I got your back’ warranty which kicks in when we achieve a successful result and you are discharged from the clinic. This is for your peace of mind that if the issue does return in the following 90 days, simply message me to get booked in, I investigate, treat accordingly. At no extra charge.

This allows you to build that confidence back, to road test the treatment you have had, and you know that I have your back if any problems do occur.

How is it possible for you to remove my pain whilst being fully clothed?

Because a lot of the work I do after I have taken a detailed history is movement and function based which looks at how the muscle is working. Things like can the muscle engage when we want it to? I also use a lot of movement screening and movement based corrections, cranial rebalancing and eye and vision therapy. None of this requires you to move your clothes, but all methods do get rid of your pain for good. In instances where scar work is warranted, then I may ask to see the scar.

How quickly will I see the results?

Depending on the complexity of your pain and/or injury, and how ready you are to get pain free, most of my patients walk out of their first session either massive reduction in their pain or pain free. During the follow up consultations I make sure what we have worked on is still rock solid and no dysfunction from those areas anymore. The length of the first session depends on the length of your history, and how long you have had the pain. It can range from anything between 90 minutes and four hours. A short amount of time compared to months of other therapy you have had.

Why do you need to take such a detailed history? I just want it done!

The reason why you are likely still in pain is because your detailed history has not been fully looked at before. So would you rather approximately 60 minutes of conversation prior to starting work that will get you out of pain for life? or continued months and years of pain management, and other therapy work which up to now has not eliminated your pain whatsoever?

You don’t build a house without first finding out the requirements, environment and laying the foundations to name a few.

“Measure twice, cut once.”

What is the process you follow to get me out of pain?

I have written a comprehensive page on how I deliver this specialised process, please read the details here on our Services page.

What would you do tomorrow if you were pain free today?