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The very first thing you need to do so I can help you is book in for your initial consultation.

During the consultation which is unusually online but can be held face to face if you prefer, is to establish if I can help you. Like I have said previously, I can help if you:

  • Are fed up of your pain
  • Have run out of ideas or solutions
  • Have been referred to a pain management clinic
  • Have been attending Physiotherapy or similar for a number of months
  • Have been told ‘it’s all in your head’
  • Just want to go back to how you were before
  • Have a different life because of the pain and not capable of doing what you used to do
  • Keep injuring yourself at the gym
  • Can’t do what you love to do because of lack of mobility and increased pain
  • Are solutions focussed
  • Have your own business
  • Are a sports competitor but your performance is hindered through pain
  • Have been told ‘there is nothing else anyone can do for you’
  • Want to get up in the morning with more ease of mobility
  • Have been recommended acupuncture, change of diet, more sleep, reflexology, to manage your pain or lessen it.

The initial consultation is £225.00, around 60 minutes long and will be deducted off the fee of your treatment sessions.  If it appears I can not help you (which is highly unusual) then you will be refunded the consultation fee.

I have helped hundreds of people before become pain free whether it is working with them online or offline (depending on the cause of the pain and what treatment is required.) Therefore all work is guaranteed.

You have everything to gain with a pain free life, book here for your initial consultation

Your next step is to decide on what treatment plan is best for you and your needs and to get out of pain in a way that suits you so you can achieve your goals. We will discuss this on the consultation, however I have provided an overview of all three clinics that I offer as follows:


This is for you if your pain has stopped you doing the normal everyday things in your life. It not only helps you resolve the pain but also instructs your body to do your everyday tasks comfortably for example:

Walking | Sitting | Standing | Walking up and down stairs | Picking items up off the floor | Going to the supermarket | Getting out of bed pain free. 


This includes everything from the Everyday Body Clinic above plus we also add in performance based work to take into account the higher demands in your life, such as your business, lifestyle and physical fitness level. This is for you if you:

Train | Workout | Go to the gym | Garden | Have a physical job | Are a parent of young children | Go for power walks | Travel with work a lot | Are constantly on the go.

In this No Weak Links Clinic, the assessments and correctives go into more depth to reflect the intense nature of your work, sport and lifestyle. 


In this clinic, that pain in the arse pain can be solved insanely fast! This clinic was created to include everything from the Everyday Body Clinic, and the No Weak Links Clinic to specifically meet the requirements of busy professionals that travel a lot, have manic schedules and are unable to attend follow ups.

This clinic is specifically for you if you want your issue done and dusted in the fastest time possible and you don’t have to worry about follow up sessions.

With the Accelerator Clinic, the after care support and access to me is still there and if required, done over video, so no actual in person sessions needed. This saves you time in your busy schedule.

Video clinic is also available for those with health reasons unable to attend in person or for long distance clients

After we’ve had the initial call, based on the issue, complexity of it, your goals, findings, we’ll know which of the three clinics above is best one for you.

Terms of the guarantee will be provided prior to you starting treatment.

What would you do tomorrow if you were pain free today?