Case Study Rachel

The pain was 24/7, unrelentless.

Rachel was a businesswoman, mother and keen gym goer and she was suffering from crippling back pain for years and had spent thousands (we estimated £50,000*) on various therapists to help her and all failed.

The pain was 24/7, unrelentless. To the point where she was unable to bend forwards to get food out the cupboard and oven! Putting her shoes on required psyching up as if it was an Olympic final tie breaker! Luckily she heard about us from her personal trainer, that we use cutting edge assessments and treatments and decided to give us a try since everyone that she has tried has failed. Including seeing a Chiropractor 3 times a week for the past 3 years! In her assessment, we found her abdominal muscles were not functioning well and have been down regulated by her nervous system to help protect her. As a compensation response, her lower back muscles were overworking and her spine was compressing to create stability. Conventional wisdom would say to work on the overworking lower back muscles to calm them down and activate her core. But this is where majority fall short as the lower back is just a secondary compensation. We needed to find out what was shutting down her abdominals which led to the lower back over working.
After an in depth history and assessment, we found it was a neurological dysfunction from a C-Section scar that was causing all this. After 20 minutes of scar work and neurological repatterning of the muscles, her pain was gone! Not only did the pain go, but she was able to bend forwards, stand back up, put her shoes on, pick up her bag, etc all pain free! She had some self care exercises to do for a week and at her next review? She was pain free and to the point where she was able to deadlift for the very first time and managed to get a personal best of 75kg!!! We helped Rachel solve her issue in 2 sessions where everyone else had failed. We joked that those that she had pretty much bought those she had seen a luxury car or sent their kids off to University!