Case Study Abbey

Surgery saved her life but didn’t give her quality of life

A few years ago Abby had suddenly lost all feeling in her legs and had collapsed. She required emergency surgery to sort out a disc issue in her lower back.

If not, she could remain with no sensation in her lower body and be in a wheelchair. However, the surgical team had performed an excellent job and since then she has been able to walk, run, jump and get back to most of what she wants to do. Most. Although she can do a lot of her previous activities, there was still slight discomfort present resulting in a loss of confidence in her body. There was doubts and hesitation and every move having to be risk assessed to whether it is necessary. Upon testing, her body was globally inhibited. This means her brain and nervous system had down regulated her body to prevent it from doing too much. Similar to an enforced lower speed limit on a motorway during works. After extensive history and assessment, a number of causes appeared- eyes and visual system, belly button piercing scar to name a few. These were treated accordingly with eye based corrective work and scar work. To pressure the test the corrective work, we put her body through various functional movement test, even throwing a ball around the clinic room to replicate explosive movements in netball. Just from that first session, Abby was able to move instinctively without hesitation or thinking to block the ball… with no pain and full confidence. In her follow up sessions, we cleared the remaining causes and increased the rigours of pressure testing to ensure that her body functioned to the level that she wanted it to and also withstand the physicality of netball (which it did as she played 2 games with no problems at all). Years of discomfort and loss of confidence from the surgery and past injury, all completed in 3 sessions. As you may have noticed, there was no direct work done on her back. The symptoms were there, but the cause was in a different location.