Case Study Dawn

Her Orthopaedic Consultant had no other explanation so consigned her to the pain management clinic.

For the past 3 years, Dawn, a mother, director and consultant to various bluechip companies had been suffering from chronic hip pain.

To the point where she struggled to walk around the supermarket without being in agony and her Orthopaedic consultant was baffled so placed her on the waiting list to see the pain management clinic. In Dawn’s own words: The Land of No Hope. Having tried Physio, massage, cortisone injections and various scans with all not helping she found us after hearing the remarkable results we get. Through the intake and assessment, we found that there wasn’t anything unusual that stood out as a key factor driving the pain.
After further assessment into how her body was moving, it turns out that it was a case of timing. The body has a very specific hierarchy of systems of movement involving multiple muscles and joints. When these are not working in the right order, it leads to chaos and the wrong muscle/ joint gets used at the wrong time. We located her deep core system being the highest priority and treated that with specific breathing based exercises. After 3 sessions, Dawn went on holiday to the beautiful country of New Zealand for a 2 week holiday, and walked at least 10,000 steps per day over at least 9 beaches….all pain free! From struggling to walk around the supermarket to over 10,000 steps on soft terrain, that was enough real life testing of our work and her consultant was astounded at her progress that he took her off the waiting list and discharged her. 18 months of headaches and dead ends with no real answers solved in 4 sessions. Her body now knows what muscles and joints work at what time and has remained pain free ever since.