Case Study Trevor

Dreaded the long recovery time post surgery

Surgery comes with it’s risks and should always be a last resort. It’s not guaranteed to solve the issue.

There’s also the recovery phase- time off work, loss of income and being an international traveller, unable to travel. He was worried he would require surgery to solve his ankle problem. On the advice of a friend, Trevor contacted me to see if I could help him with his issue and avoid surgery. The added challenge was Trevor was in London for a short amount of time for business. This wasn’t a case to span multiple sessions. We agreed a 1.5 day intensive to solve his ankle problem. The injury was traced back to when Trevor was in his 20s and damaged his ankle ligaments playing cricket as a bowler. It never seemed to fully heal and in 2016, he literally woke up one morning unable to walk with the pain worsening since then.
After extensive history collating and assessment, we found the primary cause was how his eyes were functioning. Eyes and the visual system are crucial to how the body moves. Body follows the head, head follows the eyes. Using specific eye based corrective work, the eye dysfunction was cleared and integrated with the rest of the body. There was no direct treatment done on the ankle. Being an international traveller, Trevor could be anywhere in the world at any moment in time. So the pressure testing was escalated to replicate where he would walk on a daily basis and one of the more challenging types of terrain… cobbled streets! We took our work from the clinic and over to the Albert Docks, Liverpool as the streets there are cobbled streets. Trevor could walk confidently and comfortably. Since then, Trevor has been pain free and was able to walk 4km daily with no pain in his ankles at all. Two months after being discharged, he did a 23km hike in Poland with no pain and no swelling. Trevor not only saved himself months of recovery, but also thousands of pounds from surgery (approx £3,000 to £5,000+ private surgery fees) AND potential loss of income.