Case Study Chris

Avid Fitness Enthusiast with a Hamstring Injury

Chris was a 35 yr old IT Director and avid fitness enthusiast. He had a longstanding hamstring strain and had entered a outdoor obstacle course.

The timeframe he gave us to solve his issue, regain strength and mobility back? 4 days. we found that a head trauma when he was a child to be a key event that led to today’s problems. With the trauma on the back of the head and the hamstring being the primary complaint, both fit into the superficial back line map of muscle groups (these are a group of muscles that are on the rear side of the body and their common action is to straighten the body). After 5-10 minutes of scar work and cranial work, we repeated the tests that he failed and global stability was working again.
Chris could engage muscles at the right time and strength returned instantly. His joints released tension (previously tight to help create stability for the body)and range of motion and flexibility dramatically increased. In addition to this, we also pressure tested by getting him to jump, kick, crawl, squat in the clinic to replicate as close as possible the movements he would do. He even pressure tested our work in the gym and no pulls or twinges. Chris went on to complete the course in an outstanding time of just over 3 hours, with no problems, doubts or hesitations. Over the following few weeks, we were able to teach Chris strengthening exercises that helped to bulletproof his hamstring and posterior chain muscles and has not had any trouble from them since.