Case Studies

These are some of our clients stories….

Everyone who comes to the clinic has a story…this is just a small selection of those stories.

Chris was a 35 yr old IT Director and avid fitness enthusiast. He had a longstanding hamstring strain and had entered a outdoor obstacle course.
For the past 3 years, Dawn, a mother, director and consultant to various bluechip companies had been suffering from chronic hip pain.
Surgery comes with it’s risks and should always be a last resort. It’s not guaranteed to solve the issue.
Rachel was a businesswoman, mother and keen gym goer and she was suffering from crippling back pain for years
A few years ago Abby had suddenly lost all feeling in her legs and had collapsed.
These are just some of the people Venard has helped over the years. There are new stories every day. If you are in pain and don’t want to be there then please share your story with us.

A life in pain is a life of regret.