It’s about time someone was honest with you about this pain stuff.

Getting out of pain and being pain free is entirely possible. 

My name is Venard and I’m here to get you out of pain…

My name is Venard and I am a pain and movement specialist with a particular interest in solving chronic pain as fast as humanly possible.

It’s a bold claim to make isn’t it when so many of you are told that the only thing you can do is now manage your pain, or there is no hope, or the only thing you can do is have regular physio.

Yet I have helped hundreds of people get out of pain for life even though they have had it for years, in some cases 26 years, and spent hours and hours and I dread to think how much money on physio.

I have been doing what I do for 6 years, I am degree level qualified for my eye work, and I am registered with The Healthcare Professional Council and have been since 2009 and this is integrated into the pain and injury rehabilitation work I do. This means that you have complete peace of mind you are working with a specialist.

Venard, getting you pain free

I am renowned for getting people out of pain fast but not only that, removing the pain and the injury at its root cause so it doesn’t appear again … unless of course you injure yourself again.

I am so confident about my work, and that it works, that I offer a 100% guarantee.

I am married with two young children and have the pleasure of working with my clients in my clinic in Bromborough, in Cheshire.

My journey and strong desire for getting people out of pain and making sure I get fast results for you started when I couldn’t lift my usual 140kg during my training for the Martial Arts World Championships. At the time I felt really embarrassed I couldn’t lift my usual weight, I was the person to beat so to not be able to lift was just humiliating.

I went to sports Physios, Chiropractors, Masseurs, Acupuncture and anything else you would consider the usual route for about 7 years. My lifts were stagnant and hadn’t gotten any better over the 7 year period even though I spent £7k on different people who promised the earth and that I would get fitter. Well I expected to get fitter and stronger but I wasn’t.

I found a new approach and thought at the time, ‘what is there to lose?’ I gave it a spin and me being the type of person I am, I tested my gym work out before a session just to see what I could do. I was only able to lift 130kg for 1 repetition. Twenty four hours after my session? I was lifting 160kg over 3 reps and I had plenty left in the tank.

I thought if this is how fast something can work for a competitor in the World Championships then others need to know and experience it. What drives me now is to get you out of pain not only for good, but fast! And let’s be honest, when I get you the results, you look good and I look good … I’m a competitor after all.

I see every client as a possibility and use my robust approach to help them in the best way I know how so they walk out of my clinic pain free.

If you want to get out of pain then book your initial consultation here.

Why manage your pain when you can eliminate it completely?