It’s about time someone was honest with you about this pain stuff.

Getting out of pain and being pain free is entirely possible. 

I’ve been there

  • Fed up with it all
  • Don’t know where to turn
  • Who to listen to
  • Your bullshit radar goes from 0-100 faster than a Bugatti Veyron whenever someone mentions they can help you.
  • You still want to fight it but it’s wearing you down everyday and you’re close to accepting the pain and living the rest of your life a shell of your former self


You are not just another number in the clinic where you are part of a conveyor belt and clock watching.

It’s the opposite here. Sessions are longer in length so you get the time and attention you deserve to gather all the information required to come up with a treatment plan. A typical full history intake and assessment session takes at least 90 minutes. That is the level of depth I go to and forms the foundation for all the results clients get.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

I’m not another therapist that chose this field and got qualified because it makes me warm and fuzzy.

I chose this field because like you, I have also been in pain and made it out the other side.

I walk my talk.


At one point in my life (2007) I suffered constant, excruciating lower back pain from a gym injury. For the following 7 years, I saw practically everyone I could see – Physios, Chiros, acupuncture, Olympic team therapists, massage, etc.

My whole life was being suffocated by the pain – University, work, training and competing in martial arts, social life and relationships were strained.

It wasn’t until 7 years later of constant searching, wasting thousands of pounds on various therapists, and hours upon hours of self reading that a wildcard option came up. Figuring I had already tried everything else and nothing else to lose, I went for it.

90% of the pain gone after that first session. I could sleep, move, train. I could finally live.  After session two, it felt like I never had a back problem in the first place!

It wasn’t until my fellow competitors and rivals from martial arts competitions started to notice and commenting on the changes I decided to help my them out and they too were improving at a rapid pace. (If my rivals got better, it pushed me to get better!).

So that’s when I decided to make the shift from eye specialist in the NHS to injury and pain specialist.

I am competitive and this is a big driving force for me to continue to push my learning and boundaries to be able to deliver results for you.

This means you get some of the most cutting edge modalities around that are:

– Non invasive

– Drug/ cream/ lotion/ ointment/ medication free.

– Fast and long lasting.