Our COVID-19 Policy

Some details about what happens when you come into the clinic

COVID-19 Policy and Procedures

Your safety is top priority for me and I’ve been assessing the way the clinics are run and a few changes have been made to make the clinic as COVID-19 secure as possible following Public Health England guidelines. 

Where the clinic is based, there are other businesses located there. So that has to be taken into account.

There will be a limited schedule in place with appointments spaced out sufficiently (30-45 minutes gap) to avoid cross over and to allow more time for cleaning of the clinic. 

All appointments (both new and follow ups) will be reviewed and triaged before the session. At least 48 hours beforehand and where appropriate, video sessions will be offered to minimise spread and to keep you safe.

Who is eligible for the appointments?

Appointments are limited to certain groups of people at this current time. They are not available to:

  • Anyone who demonstrates, or may have come in contact with anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19- new cough, shortness of breath, high fever.
  • Anyone who has an underlying health condition or age or classed as “vulnerable”.
  • Anyone who is not of “urgent need” of treatment.
  • If local restrictions are in place, it is your responsibility to abide by them.

What is “Urgent need”?

This is defined as:

  • The pain is affecting sleep, ability to work and mental wellbeing.
  • Pain is more than 7/10.
  • Only hands on treatment are effective enough to help with the issue.
  • You’ve considered going to A&E within the last 48 hours. 

What if I am not eligible?

For those that face to face appointments are not suitable for, video sessions will be offered. 

Probably the biggest question on your mind now, what PPE can I expect Venard to wear and the sanitising of the clinic?

PPE used will be:

  • A mask (sessional use)
  • Apron (single use)
  • Gloves (single use)
  • Visor (where deem necessary)

The treatment area will be disinfected after every appointment.

If I am eligible, what responsibilities do I have when coming into the clinic?

Before each and every visit a quick COVID-19 pre- screening questionnaire must be completed when the appointment has been made and again before entering the building. Temperature will also be taken prior to each and every visit with a non- contact thermometer. This will likely be in place until the pandemic has cleared.

Temperature check will be via a non contact thermometer.

I will be erring on the side of caution and if you have come in contact with anyone with or suspected symptoms or if there are any doubts, please let me know and the session will be rearranged for a later date.

I will come out to the car park to meet you just before your appointment time to avoid cross over with other clients.

Unless absolutely necessary, please do not bring family members or friends into the building e.g children and carers. Children must stay with their parents at all times.

There will be no drinks or refreshments offered.

No one will be allowed to wait in the reception area.

All clients will be requested to wear a mask upon entering and in the session. If you do not have one, you will be supplied one on arrival. If you are exempt, please show medical exemption certificate signed by your GP. This is at the request by Portal Business Centre, the owner of the premises. For my safety and the safety of the staff in the building, if you do not have a medical exemption certificate, you will not be booked in for face to face and be offered video sessions or wait until restrictions lift. If you do require face to face, there are other clinics that may be happy to see you.

Payments are all done electronically prior to the appointments.

Toilets with hand washing facilities and hand sanitisers are available in the building on entrance and on exit to the clinic. Please use these.

Hand sanitisers are also available in the clinic room for use.

Additional info.

I am doing everything possible to make it as safe as possible. But there are no guarantees and there will always be a risk.

If you do not wish to wear a mask, me to wear PPE or the above solutions, I am more than happy to see you via video clinic (where appropriate) or reschedule to a later date when restrictions have been eased and masks and PPE not necessary.

I am also self testing with a rapid antigen testing kit once a week. This will increase to twice weekly during a busy period of face to face clinics.

How do I make an appointment?

The reception team is not available at this moment in time.

You can make an appointment by emailing info[at]painfreeninja.com and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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