It really isn’t that hard.

And there will be some butthurt

Had a client last week with lower back pain and their therapist, a Osteo kept telling them their back is out.

Well it’s the SIJ if we want to be specific.

So every month, she visits them to get it “popped” back in place. This went on month after month, year after year, for about 8 years.

It all adds up over the years…£££/$$$!!!

If that wasn’t the motivator, then the questions asked could’ve been better.

It “pops” out when the client gets on a spin bike, in that hunched over position. The area was tight as well. Tighter than a virgin nun!

What made it better/ looser and reduced the pain?

Looking up.

Looking up fires up the posterior chain of muscles. SIJ is in that area. Lower BACK pain, clue is in the name.

The answers are all there. Just KISS


NHS Physio- FREE


Not happy to wait?

Let’s go private then.

Private Physio- around £30-£70 per session

Private Chiro- around £50-£ 80 per session

Private Osteo- around that price

Private MRI- somewhere between £199- £2000 (depending on clinic)

Massage? £20-£50 per session

The above still not made a dent of improvement and you’re still suffering?

Let’s have surgery and remove the damn bugger then!

NHS surgery- Still FREE.

Private surgery? Anywhere from £2000 upwards. (Found out a knee replacement at a clinic near me is £13k!!!!!)


Cortisone injections? £100 upwards.

Starts to add up now.

All those sessions, all the injections and possibly even the surgery and the debilitating, life screwing ache just won’t go away.

Let’s say this has been going for a few years. Which is pretty common with the clients that come in to see us.

Unable to work productively?

Missing out on promotions as your mind wasn’t on the task fully?

A fraction of a second from a podium placing?

Playing with your kids?

Still wanna be cheap?

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of people are stuck in chronic pain and unable to get out that I see a lot and back pain is rife with this (mostly as it’s mega common)

is that they rank themselves pretty low in their minds.

So low that they are willing to put themselves under more hassle and frustration to save a couple of pennies.

(BTW, the NHS staff awesome. But the system? Not quite so. Long waiting times, short session times, overbookings, etc)

A few interesting cases recently and would like to share one with you.

Male, mid 40s and knee issues.

Ongoing for the past 2 years and had pretty much all the above

PHysio- NHS and private

3 knee surgeries- arthroscopy

1 x cortisone

Over the past 2 years, somewhere in the figure of £11,000.

Let’s factor in struggling to get down on teh floor to play with his young kids and dogs.


Staying at a healthy weight. Cos pain is a bitch. It makes us fat!

Not getting enough bangs. Cos karma sutra page 69 says you have to be kneeling and you can’t do it.

Sure you can always get more bangs.

Weight can always be worked on

Sports? depends on your level. Missing out on a placing can be career defining.

Kids? ONE SHOT. There’s no pause button

No rewind

No insert extra credit to have more go.

At first the goal was for sports and work. Then when his body realised it was able to get down and play with the kids and dogs, a whole new world opened up to him.



Gonna take it?